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    What Makes Us Difference

    What Makes Us Difference BENEFITS FOR STAKEHOLDERS
    Sondos aims to enhance your firm's customer service and build your brand by improving products, customer service and staff behavior, by focusing directly on customer feedback channels.
    Sondos can serve as the lens through which you see your customers and with each refinement you will discover measurable results on your operations.


    OUR APPROACH Combines the Six-sigma methodology with qualitative online market research, and presents the data through the most high-tech online web portal to provide:
    Ongoing measurement, customizable attributes, reliable data, decision support, client retention, instant, access to customer feedback, and a high degree of control on the operating process using branded surveys in any language.

    Our Company


    Sondos Market Research is a specialist in measuring and improving companies’ quality, profit, customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a unique approach for organizations to control their customers experiences and transforming feedback into desirable outcomes.

    Many companies understand that customer satisfaction and loyalty are essential to their individual success, but few companies know how to link their customer needs with their organizational processes to create the best customer experience possible.

    However, our online market research system enables managers to break down these walls, discover what their customers desire, use that information to create an atmosphere of better customer service, and produce the kinds of products and services that will keep customers coming back.

    Sondos Online Survey

    Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit

    We have worked hard to make sure that our professional analysis software will fit your needs
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    Employee Satisfaction Survey

    Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey System

    Since we know that building a smooth environment for the employees is essential to have a successful company
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    Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Customer Satisfaction Survey System

    Turn your company into an unshakable quality leader with the best world-standard customer satisfaction survey solution.
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